Australians have now experienced two years of extreme living conditions that have been brought on by drought, fires, dust storms, a pandemic and a large flood.

Drought-busting storm hits Sydney in January 2020

Life for people in Australia started to become ‘extreme’ in August 2019 when the fire season began in winter, months earlier than normal. The ‘extreme’ living conditions continued with the introduction of lockdowns created by a global pandemic in 2020 and large flood in March 2021.

Crescent Head fire August 2019

During a wide-spread drought, in August 2019, a large bushfire began burning near Crescent Head on…

The 18km ride from Gosford to Umina has some amazing views of Brisbane Water and southern area of the Central Coast.

Riding along the waterfront at Koolewong

The ride hugs the water’s edge from the Gosford Waterfront through Point Clare, Tascott and Koolewong into Woy Woy. For fast riders, it can be cycled in less 2 hours.

Map showing the cycling route from Gosford to Woy Woy and Umina

Apart from a hill climb at Tascott, the ride is mostly flat. Below is the map that shows the cycling route from Gosford to Umina — but, if you look closely, you’ll see that my friend, CrouchGJ

If you’re looking for an excellent walk that showcases views of Sydney’s harbour, the Manly to The Spit and Balmoral walk is for you.

Dobroyd Head

The walk starts at the Manly Wharf and winds around the lower northern beaches foreshore to The Spit and along to Balmoral. The total walk is 14 kilometres in length and takes about 3 hours. A map of the Manly to The Spit and Balmoral walk is located below.

Map showing the Manly to Balmoral coastal walk

Most people normally walk from Manly to The Spit — this might be because there’s a handy bus stop…

The safest route to ride from Parramatta to Sydney’s CBD is via the M4 and Cooks River cycleways.

These two cycleways offer cyclists a mostly off road route that connects Parramatta with Sydney. A map of the Parramatta to Sydney cycle route is below.

Map showing the safe cycle route from Parramatta to Sydney

The total ride is about 38km. The cycleways don’t directly connect with each other – you’ll need to navigate some roads between Sydney Olympic Park and South Strathfield.

Southwest Sydney has one of the safest cycleway networks in New South Wales.

I’ve just finished riding a comprehensive cycleway to Liverpool from Guildford and the Prospect Reservoir — the whole 35km ride was mostly off the road.

The route travels past some great locations like the Lower Prospect Canal, historic Prospect Reservoir, the M7 and the Western Sydney Parklands.

The M7 cycleway

A person with any fitness level can complete this ride. It’s obviously long — you’ll need to switch yourself into ‘marathon mode’ and take some water and food.

The 47km bike ride along the Old Pacific Highway from Cowan to Gosford offers incredible views, excellent downhill rides and two tough hill climbs.

Map showing the Cowan to Gosford bike route on the Old Pacific Highway

Riding the Old Pacific Highway was a life-highlight for my wife and I. We rode the route on a Saturday and passed a lot of cyclists who seem to regularly ride between Cowan and Mount White.

As the coronavirus pandemic began to disrupt business activities in 2020, the Federal Government announced temporary changes to Australia Post’s Performance Standards that would have an big impact on the frequency of mail deliveries.

Terrigal post office — A letter was sent to Adelaide from here for the Postal Challenge

The announcement revealed that laws would be temporarily changed to allow Australia Post to deliver mail every second day in metropolitan areas instead of every business day — The changes would begin on the 21st April 2020 and end on the 30th June 2021.

In a statement, Minister for Communications, Cyber Safety and the Arts, the Hon Paul Fletcher, made these further announcements at the…

Parramatta has a bunch of cycleways that allow riders to explore the region safely.

The cycleway that runs underneath M4, and eventually long the Parramatta River, is one of the safest ways to bike ride between Parramatta and Sydney Olympic Park.

The ride from Parramatta Park to Sydney Olympic Park under the M4 and back alongside the Parramatta River is about 22kms — and, if ridden slowly, takes about 2 hours to complete.

For 100 years radio stations have been monetising the time that listeners spend listening to radio shows. Across the decades, good shows and music delivered radio stations large audiences and income.

But, now big tech companies are in a battle for the time and attention that listeners devote to consuming radio.

Radio listeners are being distracted by notifications on their smart phone — alerts for new podcasts, live streams for important COVID-19 media conferences and new songs on Spotify.

Once podcasting became mainstream in 2005, radio shows around the world were uploading highlights to their websites and iTunes.


Australia’s best cycle network can be found in Canberra.

The cycling loops created around Lake Burley Griffin offer an excellent way to experience Canberra.

We took our mountain bikes to Canberra and rode the 28km cycleway around Lake Burley Griffin.

The ride took us about 5 hours.

We parked our car at Black Mountain Peninsula in Acton. There’s plenty of free parking at this location — and public amenities.

Black Mountain Peninsula has a good lookout over Lake Burley Griffin.

We rode the Lake Burley Griffin cycleway anti-clockwise. We noticed a lot of other cyclists riding anti-clockwise too…

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