Australia’s daylight saving history

Grafton’s Daily Examiner — Monday 18th Dec 1916
Wagga’s Daily Advertiser — Thursday 1st January 1942
Weekly Times — Wednesday 27th May 1953
Townsville Daily Bulletin — Tuesday 23rd December 1941
West Australian — Tuesday 30th December 1941
Thursday 17th October 1946 — The Sun
Canberra Times — Wednesday 30th June 1971

“Are you in favour of daylight saving?”

  • The number of votes recorded in favour of daylight saving was 1,879,967.
  • The number of votes recorded against daylight saving was 867,983.
  • The number of ballot-papers rejected as informal was 34,696.”




Social Media - 7NEWS Australia

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Brenden Wood

Brenden Wood

Social Media - 7NEWS Australia

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