Cycling from Guildford to Liverpool via the Prospect Reservoir and the M7 cycleway

Southwest Sydney has one of the safest cycleway networks in New South Wales.

I’ve just finished riding a comprehensive cycleway to Liverpool from Guildford and the Prospect Reservoir — the whole 35km ride was mostly off the road.

The route travels past some great locations like the Lower Prospect Canal, historic Prospect Reservoir, the M7 and the Western Sydney Parklands.

The M7 cycleway

A person with any fitness level can complete this ride. It’s obviously long — you’ll need to switch yourself into ‘marathon mode’ and take some water and food.

The M7 cycleway

There are five moderate hills that you’ll need to tackle on the ride. Two of them are located at the southern end of the Prospect Reservoir — the other three are located alongside the M7. The hills are not steep, but the inclines are long — if you don’t like hills, simply put your bike into a lower gear and accept the challenge.

Remember that with every hill, there’s a rewarding down-hill.

There are plenty of moments on this route where you’ll simply steer your bike while rolling down a decline. Your legs will enjoy the rest.

Prospect Reservoir

The reason why I chose to start and end this cycle at Guildford and Liverpool is because both suburbs are serviced by the south-west rail line — which meant I was able to put the bike onto the train and return home.

Lower Prospect Canal Reserve cycleway

The first section of the ride starts just west of the Guildford railway station — riding along the Lower Prospect Canal Reserve cycleway to the Prospect Reservoir. This part of the ride is amazing — you’ll find more specific info about the water canal cycleway here.

Lower Prospect Canal Reserve cycleway — Photographed is cyclist CrouchGJ.

One very important thing you’ll need to consider if you’re going to do this ride is that Sydney Water enforces strict gate opening and closing times at the Prospect Reservoir.

Sydney Water signage at the Prospect Reservoir

At the time of writing this article, Sydney Water signage advises that the Prospect Reservoir gates are opened 6am to 6:30pm during daylight saving time and 7am to 4:30pm during non-daylight saving time.

Sunset at the Prospect dam

Before you leave the Prospect Reservoir, have a break and take in the view — you might even spot a kangaroo.

To access the M7 cycleway from Prospect Reservoir, you’ll need to ride alongside the fenceline at the southern end of the dam wall. This route follows the edge of the dam wall.

The path south from the Prospect Reservoir

At the southern exit from the Prospect Reservoir you’ll travel past the gates to the water filtration plant and exit the Sydney Water boundary at Chandos Road Wetherill Park.

The cycleway south of the Prospect Reservoir

Be aware that between April & July in 2021, WaterNSW says they’re closing the cycleway access at the southern end of the dam so that the can replace a bridge. A sign says there will be an alternative cycle route during this period.

Part of the cycleway will be closed during 2021 at the Prospect Reservoir

At this point you’ll cross the road and enter a cycleway inside Western Sydney Parklands.

The cycleway that leads into the Western Sydney Parklands

You’ll travel south and eventually join the cycleway on The Horsley Drive which will take you directly west and onto the M7 cycleway.

The cycleway south from the intersection of The Horsley Drive and the M7

Once you come to the major intersection at The Horsley Drive and the M7, head south.

Looking south on the M7 cycleway

The directions to the M7 cycleway are well sign posted — the bike path in this region runs alongside the eastern side of the M7.

M7 cycleway

The ride south along the M7 is really safe. Riders are fully protected from the traffic on the M7.

You’ll pass many cyclists on the cycleway — it’s busier on weekends. The cycle way was opened in 2006.

Cecil Hills — M7 cycleway

The Liverpool exit from the M7 cycleway is located near the Hoxton Park Recreation Reserve.

The M7 cycleway — Opened in 2006.

The cycle route into Liverpool follows access roads along Hoxton Park Road, Miller, Cartwright and Lurnea.

Hoxton Park

I hope you enjoy your ride. I’d be interested in hearing about it – you’ll find me on social media at @BrendenWood.

Welcome to Liverpool

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