Cycling to Prospect Reservoir from the Toongabbie railway station

Recently I wrote about the amazing water canal cycleway that links the Prospect Reservoir to the pipehead at Guildford.

Today, my wife and I, decided to put our bikes onto the train and travel west to Toongabbie where we rode south to the Prospect Reservoir.

The cycleway along the Girraween Creek

Once we arrived at the dam, we then joined the water canal cycleway for the ride to Guildford.

Partial cycleway from Toongabbie to Prospect

Located about two blocks away from the Toongabbie railway station is a cycleway that follows the Girraween Creek. We travelled south along this cycleway for about 3.4km where the cycleway ends at Oklahoma Avenue.

The cycleway along the Girraween Creek

From this point we followed the road to the Prospect Reservoir — This included riding along Blacktown Road and the Prospect Highway.

Riding past Amart Furniture on Blacktown Road Prospect

After leaving the Girraween Creek cycleway, we spent about 4kms riding on the road.

Sheep near Blacktown Road at Prospect

The ride over the Great Western Highway and the M4 on the Prospect Highway is not cycle-friendly. The road is narrow and there are plenty of vehicles rushing to get on and off the Great Western Highway and the M4.

The tree line drive on William Lawson Drive leads down to the Prospect Reservoir past the Andrew Campbell Reserve.

The Prospect Reservoir was built between 1882 and 1886. The area is now heritage listed and is a great spot for a rest.

William Lawson Drive at the Prospect Nature Reserve
William Lawson Drive — Prospect Reservoir
Prospect Reservoir

The start of the cycleway that follows the old open air water canal from the Prospect Reservoir can be found at the south-eastern corner of the dam, near the carpark.

The cycleway on what used to be the open air water canal

We completed our ride not far from the pipehead at the Guildford railway station where we put our bikes in the train and headed home.

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