Graph shows Donald Trump is out-performing Joe Biden in the Facebook News Feed

With only 44 days remaining to the United States election, President Donald Trump is dominating organic reach numbers inside the Facebook News Feed according to social monitoring company Crowdtangle.

Over the past 7 days, posts on Donald Trump’s Facebook page received five-times the number of ‘interactions’ than posts on Joe Biden’s Facebook page.

7 day graph showing interactions of Facebook posts by day. Data extracted on 19th September 2020. Source: Crowdtangle

In fact, over the past 24 hours, Joe Biden’s Facebook page was out-performed by Barack Obama’s Facebook page.

Barack Obama’s statement about former Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg went viral on Facebook, causing his post to almost out-perform posts on Donald Trump’s Facebook page.

Barack Obama’s post that went viral on Facebook

During the 7 day period to Saturday 19th September 2020, Donald Trump received 19.76 million interactions on Facebook, Joe Biden 1.61 million and Barack Obama 2.6 million interactions. The greater the number of interactions a post receives, the greater the reach inside Facebook News Feed.

Matt Garmur at CrowdTangle explains how they calculate interactions: “We add up all the interactions on every post from every account in the list (again, accounting for weights), and then we divide by that number of posts. Then we divide by the average size (follower count/page likes) of the accounts in the list.”

On average, 25 posts a day are appearing on Donald Trump’s Facebook page. Joe Biden is posting approximately 7 items a day. And, non-candidate in the 2020 election, Barack Obama, is posting less than once a day.

7 day graph to 19th September 2020 — Showing daily posts count on Facebook. Source: Crowdtangle

Not accounted for in this article is the performance of advertisements inside the Facebook News Feed — Once the election gets closer, I’ll analyse the impact of these advertisements in a future Medium post.

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