How to get to Terrigal beach from Sydney on public transport

One of the most popular beaches north of Sydney is Terrigal beach.

Terrigal is located 11kms east of Gosford on the Central Coast.

Apart from enjoying the beach, Terrigal has plenty of things to do. Like walking the along Haven Coastal Walk from Terrigal’s CBD to The Haven and up to the lookout at The Skillion.

The M1 Pacific Motorway is the most popular way to access the Central Coast from Sydney or Newcastle — but, the traffic coming back to Sydney from the Central Coast can be congested at the end of the weekend.

Another way you could visit Terrigal is by using your Opal Card to catch a train and bus to Terrigal.

The bus route — Gosford to Terrigal

Trains to the Central Coast depart Sydney about every 30 minutes — sometimes they leave more frequently during weekday peak hour periods. To get to Terrigal, you’ll need to get off the train at Gosford train station.

One of the most popular bus services that departs Gosford is the service to Terrigal. The bus travels to Terrigal via Erina Fair shopping centre — which is the largest shopping centre on the Central Coast.

The Terrigal bus departs from the bus bay located on the eastern side of the railway station. Stand H is where the Terrigal buses depart from — Look for buses numbered 67 and 68. This bus stop is located about 50 metres from the stairs that lead up to the Gosford train station.

Buses to Terrigal are generally timed to meet the trains from Sydney. The trip takes about 30 minutes and the bus travels via Erina and some back streets in Terrigal.

The full trip from Sydney to Terrigal is about 2 hours one way — the coastal view at the end of the trip is worth it.

Terrigal has some great cafes, restaurants and the Crowne Plaza beer garden that overlooks the beach.

Buses for Gosford train station depart from a bus stop that is located one block away from the beach — It’s on Church Street.

After we left Terrigal, we jumped off the bus and grabbed lunch at Erina Fair.

I hope you enjoy your trip to Terrigal beach.


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