Former St Edwards College Principal Brother Dean — Christian Brothers

I stumbled across some St Edward’s College history. St Eddies is the East Gosford high school that I attended with my mates between 1985 & 1988.

Brother Bruce Dean — Christian Brothers

The school principal was Brother Bruce Dean. He oversaw the construction of the new school library and the third floor of the north wing. He also enjoyed a ciggy or two.

This month I spotted his gravesite inside Rookwood Cemetery.

The gravestone records that he died aged 74 on the Wednesday 27th October 1999.

Brother B C Dean was the Principal of St Edwards College from 1983 to 1988 according to the school’s website.

“Between 1984 and 1987 St Edward’s continued to grow with a new Library being constructed together with an AV room. A second story was added to the north wing and the canteen is improved” — St Edwards College website.

Located nearby is the gravesite of former Deputy Principal at St Edwards College, Brother Michael Bruno Warner. His headstone says he died at the early age of 53-years-old on 23rd August 1993. My mum says he met the Pope in the years before he died.