Map showing the cycle route from Sydney Airport to Cronulla

Brenden Wood
4 min readApr 18, 2022


The bike ride from Sydney to Cronulla takes almost 2 hours for the average rider to complete — it’s about 90 minutes and 20kms from Sydney Airport to Cronulla.

Map showing the cycle route from Sydney Airport to Cronulla

The bike ride is mostly alongside the water’s edge and provides some of the best views of Botany Bay and the beaches at Cronulla.

Cronulla Beach, NSW

The cycle route to Cronulla is well sign-posted. If you’re cycling from Sydney’s CBD or Sydney Airport, you can join the cycleway west of the Tempe Recreation Reserve, at the corner of Holbeach Avenue and Princes Avenue Tempe.

Cycleway crossing the Cooks River at Tempe

The cycleway crosses over the Cooks River and into Cahill Park at Wolli Creek, then onto the shared path on Marsh Street, south of the airport.

Video showing the highlights of the cycle route into Cronulla

The cycleway winds under Marsh Street, and follow the M5 for about 500 metres, before heading south past the Eve Street Wetlands. Winding past the St George Football Stadium at Banksia, near Muddy Creek, and into Lance Studdart Reserve at Kyeemagh.

The cycleway alongside the The Grand Parade at Lady Robinson Beach, Kyeemagh

The cycleway scoots around to Lady Robinson Beach North and onto cycleway on The Grand Parade.

Cycleway infrastructure at Ramsgate

The cycle path on The Grand Parade follows the waterline and it’s where you’ll see some great views — passing Brighton-Le-Sands and Ramsgate.

Cycling south to Dolls Point

If you want to have a break, this section of the route has lots of park benches and shade. Dolls Point Beach at Sandringham is another popular location.

Cycleway at Dolls Point — showing the Captain Cook Bridge

At this point of the cycle route to Cronulla, you’ll ride over the Captain Cook Bridge — the path is located on the eastern side of the bridge on Taren Point Road. The approach onto the Captain Cook Bridge is steep for about 50 metres — it’ll raise your heart rate, bit not kill you — the climb onto the bridge is the hilliest part of the ride.

The view from the eastern path on the Captain Cook Bridge

The cycleway continues along Woodlands Road, and then left into Taren Point Shorebird Reserve and onto the Woolooware Shared Pathway.

The Arthur Gietzelt Memorial Lookout — Located on the Woolooware Shared Pathway

The cycleway joins Captain Cook Drive at Shark Park — this is where the Cronulla Sharks NRL team trains and plays their home games.

The cycle route from Sydney to Cronulla passes Shark Park

There’s an excellent cycleway on the southern side of Captain Cook Drive — at this point, you’re on the home stretch to Cronulla — the path hugs the northern edge of the Cronulla Golf Course.

Passing Cronulla Golf Course

There are several routes from Captain Cook Drive to Cronulla’s CBD — most riders join the cycleway on Bate Bay Road — this brings rider’s out at Greenhills Beach and Wanda Beach — and then heads south alongside the beaches into North Cronulla and South Cronulla.

Cronulla’s Beaches: Greenhills, Elouera Beach and North Cronulla Beach

At Cronulla you’ll find plenty of bike racks to park your bike. If you don’t want to ride back to Sydney, you can put your bike onto the train for the trip back to Sydney city and other locations.

North Cronulla and South Cronulla

I hope you enjoy your ride. I’d be interested in knowing about your trip — you’ll find me on social media at @BrendenWood.

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