Reverse waterfalls at Sydney’s Royal National Park

Extreme weather enthusiasts appeared to enjoy the several reverse waterfalls that our 7NEWS cameraman filmed from the news helicopter on Monday 10th August 2020.

The reverse waterfalls were spotted during windy conditions at the Royal National Park — located south of Sydney, Australia.

They formed when a severe weather system, that produced wind gusts of 70km/h, hit Sydney, Central Coast, Mid North Coast, Hunter and Illawarra regions along the New South Wales coastline.

During the week after the Royal National Park reverse waterfalls was posted first to social media by us at 7NEWS, the internet went crazy for the video. As the video went around the world, so did Google Search results for ‘reverse waterfall.’

Millions of people have viewed the reverse waterfall video on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & YouTube.

Some of the reactions on Twitter were amusing.

The comments offered many people an excellent escape during the coronavirus pandemic.

If you’re an adventure-seeker, who wants to immerse yourself into the water spray of the reverse waterfalls at the Royal National Park, the quickest way to access the area is via the Wedding Cake Rock walking track at Bundeena.

The reverse waterfalls only occur during extreme weather events when the wind is blowing strongly in a south-easterly direction — and this may only happen about several times a year.

Walking to Wedding Cake Rock in the Royal National Park

If you’re planning to walk through the Royal National Park when it’s raining, you need to be aware that you’ll be walking along some rocks that get slippery when their wet. The walk is about two hours return.

Walking to Wedding Cake Rock in the Royal National Park

You can monitor extreme weather forecasts for the region on the Bureau of Meteorology website here — Keep an eye out for severe south-easterly or southerly wind forecasts.

Reverse waterfall — Royal National Park, Australia

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