Scam claims to reveal who visited your Facebook profile

Scam: Warnings today for Facebook users after a scam asking people to reveal their password details started doing the rounds across the weekend.

The scam invites people to give their Facebook login details to a dodgy website. In return, the scammers promise to reveal the names of people who have visited your personal Facebook page.

The scammers then build a large data base of user profiles and passwords which they can then sell to data brokers on the dark web.

The dishonest scheme has been spreading quickly because the scammers tag dozens of ‘friends’ into a photo inviting them to also reveal their Facebook password.

If you’ve accepted the bait to log into the scammer’s website, you should change your password on Facebook and Instagram accounts immediately.

If you’ve been tagged by a friend into the scam, un-tag yourself from photo and don’t click on the scammer’s website. Before you un-tag yourself you can also report the scam as ‘spam’ to Facebook.

Likewise, if your personal Facebook page has been used to push this scam to your friends, you’ll need to change the password on your Facebook and Instagram pages immediately. Your account details and password have most likely been sold on the dark web, and your account details will continue to have currency if you don’t change your password.

Attached to this Medium post is an example of the how the scam appears on your Facebook.

The scam traditionally appears on weekends when Facebook would have less moderators rostered-on to review content.

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