Sydney’s Luna Park was almost moved to Merrylands

Sydney’s iconic Luna Park was nearly relocated to Merrylands in 1980.

Luna Park, Milsons Point — Source: NSW State Archives

In a little known submission, the owners of the amusement park, Luna Park (NSW) Pty Ltd, applied to Holroyd Council to re-establish their business at the old brickworks site at Merrylands.

The move was part of a rebuild strategy after six children and a man died in a devastating fire on the Ghost Train ride on June 6th 1979.

The old brickworks in Merrylands

In the submission to the Holroyd Council on Tuesday 13th May 1980, the business owners said they were willing to spend $5 million re-establishing Luna Park at the old brickworks which is now known as Holroyd Gardens.

The Holroyd councillors voted against the application and instead said they would re-zone the brickworks area for high rise apartments.

Thursday 15th May 1980 — Canberra Times

Nowadays, Holroyd Gardens Nature Reserve is a large parkland that caters for families. Located on Pitt Street — a couple of blocks north of Merrylands’ CBD.

Tuesday 14th April 1981 — Canberra Times

The gardens have BBQ facilities, children’s play facilities and there’s numerous shady spots created by the large trees.

And located at the eastern side of Holroyd Gardens is the Merrylands brickworks picnic area.

Holroyd Gardens

Early resident to Merrylands, Arthur Todd Holroyd, started producing and selling handmade bricks at this location after he bought land in 1855. His business, the ‘Sherwood Scrubs Drain, Tile and Pottery Works’, was established in 1870.

The old brickworks at Holroyd Gardens, Merrylands

In 1884 John Hay Goodlet bought the business, which by then was called the ‘Junction Brick Co Ltd.’

The Goodlet & Smith Brickworks closed in the 1960s. The Holroyd Municipal Council took possession of the site in 1975, and opened the ‘passive recreation’ area in 1977.

Brickworks Square is now part of the Holroyd Gardens area and was opened by the Mayor of Holroyd Councillor John H Brodie on the 26th February 2005.

The duck pond at the old brickworks at Holroyd Gardens, Merrylands

In this park you’ll find a bicycle training track where kids can learn road rules and how to navigate a roundabout.

If Luna Park had been re-established inside the Holroyd Gardens, Merrylands, do you think it would have been still popular today?

Saturday 28th June 1980 — Canberra Times

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