The amazing view from the Skywalk Lookout at Dorrigo

The Skywalk Lookout is an excellent viewing platform located at the top of the Dorrigo National Park.

Skywalk Lookout

The lookout is very easy to access. Located at the Dorrigo Rainforest Centre — about 45 minutes from the Pacific Highway, and 4 minutes from downtown Dorrigo.

The Skywalk is a 70 metre boardwalk that sits about 20 metres above the rainforest canopy.

The view from the Skywalk Lookout

Admission to the boardwalk is free — although people are asked to make a gold coin donation. The Skywalk is wheelchair accessible — located about 150 metres from the carpark.

The Skywalk provides excellent views across the Bellinger Valley and Pacific Ocean. The most notable peak is Picket Hill in the Nunguu Mirral Aboriginal Area — located about 50 kilometres to the south-east of Dorrigo.

Picket Hill in the Nunguu Mirral Aboriginal Area — Viewed from the Skywalk Lookout in Dorrigo

Signage near the area informed visitors that the Skywalk Lookout is closed during lightning storms.

Entry to the Wonga Walk

The walk to the amazing Crystal Shower Falls, along the Wonga Walk, starts near the Skywalk.

There’s a cafe and shop located near the Skywalk — a great spot to relax.

Should you find yourself in this beautiful part of New South Wales, you’ll enjoy visiting the Skywalk.

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