The best burger isn’t in Parramatta, it’s in South Granville

Last week I stumbled across the best burger in western Sydney — and I was shocked to find it being sold inside a suburban takeaway store not far from Parramatta.

Sydney’s best ‘plain hamburger’ — Bought from Pericles Takeaway

I’ve eaten plenty of burgers across Sydney — and on some occasions, I’ve paid between $12 and $15 for a ‘good burger’. So, to stumble across an excellent, even better burger for $6 at a takeaway store in South Granville left me wanting another burger!

Sydney’s best ‘plain hamburger’ sold at Pericles Takeaway

What made the burger so good was its simplicity and the product freshness. The bun was fresh. The tomato and beetroot was fresh. The onions and meat patty tasted great. And the sauce and lettuce wasn’t over-done. It was simply a perfect burger.

Sydney’s best ‘plain hamburger’ — Bought from Pericles Takeaway

After I ate the first burger, I went back on two separate occasions to buy more burgers — I wanted to know if the burgers from this takeaway store were good all the time. And, as it turns out, the burgers are excellent all the time!

Sydney’s best ‘plain hamburger’ — Two burgers bought from Pericles Takeaway

Right up front, you need to know that I am not being paid to endorse this business. In fact, this business has no digital footprint — they don’t even have a Facebook page — and, based on what I read on Google Maps, they haven’t even claimed their business.

The store that is producing these excellent $6 ‘Plain Hamburgers’ is ‘Pericles Takeaway’ — located at the Dellwood Street shops — next to the chemist opposite William Lamb Park — 12 Dellwood Street South Granville. He also sells another burger called the ‘Harmburger With The Lot.’

Sydney’s best ‘plain hamburger’ sold at Pericles Takeaway

The owner of the store works six days a week. I told him that his burgers taste great — he acknowledged the feedback, but didn’t dwell on the positive feedback.

Today was my third visit to the store to buy a burger — In fact, I bought two burgers today — part of a fact finding mission to do a ‘burger test’. So far, I’ve bought four burgers from the store. And they’ve all been produced to the same level of excellence.

The store owner told me that he doesn’t sell any of his burgers via Deliveroo or Uber Eats — He shrugged-off the question when I asked about those platforms.

The only way you can buy the best burger is to visit the takeaway store on Dellwood Street. You drive there or catch the regular M91 bus from Granville train station.

Sydney’s best ‘plain hamburger’ sold at Pericles Takeaway

The store is open six days a week — Monday to Saturday — closing at 7pm on weekdays and 5pm on Saturdays.

The store’s menu is available, not online, but at the store.

I hope you enjoy the simplicity of this amazing burger, the ‘Plain Hamburger’ — message me your review — I’d be interested in knowing if you also think this is the best burger in western Sydney — I’m on social media @brendenwood.

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