Travelling along the Thailand side of the Mekong River

Brenden Wood
3 min readSep 12, 2023

Over the past week, my wife and I have travelled south alongside 250kms of the Mekong River.

We followed the river through the northeastern region of Thailand, watching the mountainous regions of western Laos across the river as we drove.

The river is 4,909km long, making it the 12th longest river in the world. (The longest river in Australia is 2,508km – the Murray River).

Along the way we experienced local cultures, learnt about the prehistoric period of the region and met some of Thailand’s friendliest and happiest people.

Our journey along the Mekong River was a profound exploration of nature, history and humanity.

It was a testament to the beauty that lies off the beaten path and the stories that flow like the river itself, waiting to be discovered by intrepid travellers.

Nakhon Phanom, located alongside the Mekong River in Thailand

As we left the Mekong behind, its gentle currents seemed to whisper promises of more adventures to come, reminding us that there’s always more to explore in this incredible world.

Below is a screenshot showing the area of the Mekong that we drove along in Thailand.

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