Triple M Sydney’s reunion, ‘40th birthday bash’

Brenden Wood
5 min readNov 5, 2022

The crew from the early years at Triple M Sydney held their 40-year staff reunion at The Oaks Hotel in Neutral Bay on Friday 4th November 2022 — delayed by two years due to COVID.

Former Triple M announcer Rob Duckworth, rockstar Richard Clapton and radio hall of famer Doug Mulray. Photo Credit: Tanya Haddad

My brother Robbie Wood and I (representatives of the post-Rod Muir ownership era) managed to tag along for what was a fun event, excellently organised by former jocks Trevor Jackson and Sue Moses.

From Triple M employees Brenden Wood & Robbie Wood catch up with radio royalty Doug Mulray

Lots of familiar names were at the 2MMM reunion: Dave Gibson, Rob Duckworth, Ian Rogerson, Michael Andersen, Dave Carlson, Barbara Wilton, Rod Muir, Pete Armstrong, Michaela Carr, Laura Tchilinguirian, Gavin Morris, Mark Warren, Reggae Ellis, Richard Clapton, Alison Drower, Richard Goodridge, Tim Webster, Peter Switzer, Frank Vincent, Mike Drayson, Tim Sheridan, Rusty Graham, Reg Prasad, etc…

Former Triple M staffers at the 40th birthday reunion in 2022. Photo Credit: Tanya Haddad

MC, Mr Jackson, did an excellent job of articulating the culture that existed at 2MMM during the first decade.

Former Triple M jock Trevor Jackson was MC at the Triple M 40th reunion. Photo Credit: Tanya Haddad

Former jock Pete Armstrong recited a powerful fax that was sent to the radio station by a listener, and displayed in the staff kitchen. It was called ‘The Last Frontier’.

The fax read like this: “Where do the wild men walk in Sydney radio? Where do you look for the real characters? The living legends and folk heroes of the industry? Hidden behind all the neat office fronts, is there somewhere? A last frontier where you can find the kind of characters who burst through bar room doors with a gun swinging on each hip? Who work hard, died hard and play hard. Or, the other way round. You won’t find them at 2DAY FM, 2UW or 2GB. Where are the undisciplined, the unruly, the untamed, the masters of the long lunch, the employees of any other radio station who were bound to be fired? But you can’t fire these because you need them. Why? Triple M, where else?”

Former Triple M staff at the 40th reunion — Alison Drower and Dano at the front of the photo. Photo Credit: Tanya Haddad

The ‘father of FM radio in Australia’ Rod Muir spoke about the enthusiasm that the team had when Triple M launched in July 1980.

“We had some enormous times. And there is a truism on radio that what you find you get in the corridor, is the message that goes up the stick. You can tell a number one station just by walking through the corridor. We had that freshness”, Rod Muir, founding owner.

Reg Prasad, Rod Muir, Frank Vincent and Mike Anderson. Photo Credit: Tanya Haddad

Radio hall of famer, Doug Mulray, was a surprise attendee — well, at least it was a surprise to Robbie and I. He gave a wonderfully humorous and generous speech, speaking highly of the ’social glue’ — people like past staffers Sue and TJ who organise such events like staff reunions.

Former Triple M breakfast star Doug Mulray delivers his funny speech as MC Trevor Jackson watches on. Photo Credit: Tanya Haddad

“There would be no Triple M without that man there (pointing to Rod Muir)…he lobbied for a thing (FM radio) that we should have had 20 years before”, Doug Mulray praising Rod.

“We were the right thing, at the right time, in the right place, with the right attitude. It was just an astounding thing to be a part of…we were blessed to have that thing.”

“The mood in the joint, and the mood on the street told you when it was.”

“It was a joy to be there.”

Doug Mulray at the Triple M 40th reunion in Neutral Bay. Photo Credit: Tanya Haddad

“When I left radio, I was over it. I wanted the privacy. And I kind of distanced myself that I ever did that (Triple M breakfast show). It was kind of like a fantasy.”

Triple M breakfast announcer Doug Mulray conducting a live cross via a mobile phone. Photo Credit: Richard Goodridge

“It always felt to be good to be with you guys. Be together. And, I want to thank you for that. Thank you”, Doug Mulray ending his emotional speech.

Dave Gibson, Reg Prasad and Doug Mulray. Photo Credit: Tanya Haddad

Dougy and the room paid tribute to all the on air colleagues that were lost in recent years — ‘The Fallen Friends Of The Ms’: Jono Coleman, Sammy Power, Stuart Cranney, Lou Dimovitch, Ken Sterling, Warwick ‘Wazza The Rock Dog’ Rankin, Jon ‘Ratso’ Kennedy and Vic Davies.

“They were amazing people. And they were part of our extended family,” Trevor Jackson. “Their spirit lives on.”

Former Triple M announcer Jono Coleman

It was a privilege to be in the room.

And it was great to finally meet Doug Mulray. We chatted about his time at the station I got my first ‘start’ at, 2GO.

Brenden Wood, Doug Mulray and Robbie Wood at the Triple M reunion. Photo Credit: Brenden Wood

He explained how he was recruited from 2AD Armidale to bring some fun local stories to Bob Byrne’s morning show on 2GO.

“Management tried to keep me in check on that show. But I also had to do the Sunday night show, where I had to reflect what was happening around the Central Coast, so, I’d go to a caller in Umina, I’d ask him what was happening in Umina, and he’d reply, ‘nothing happening here,’ so I’d say “see there’s nothing happening in Umina tonight”, and the next day I’d get in trouble for putting the caller to air”, Doug.

An advertisement promoting the show that Doug Mulray co-hosted with Bob Byrne on Central Coast radio station 2GO

Thank you to everyone for a great afternoon. And thank you to Trevor and Sue for organising the whole event.

Doug Mulray’s obituary, produced by Chris Reason and Richard Cunningham, broadcast on Channel 7 onnFriday 31st March 2023

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