Walking to Blackwall Mountain lookout from Woy Woy

The 5 kilometre walk from Woy Woy to the lookout at Blackwall Mountain offers some amazing views of the Central Coast’s Peninsula region.

Several times over the last few years, I’ve caught a train to Woy Woy railway station and walked along the waterfront up to the lookout at Blackwall Mountain. I grew up at Umina, and as a kid, I occasionally rode my bike to the top of the mountain.

The view from the lookout at Blackwall Mountain

The wide path along the water frontage, which runs east along the homes on North Burge Road, offers an amazing view of the Brisbane Water, St Huberts Island and Daleys Point.

On a recent walk with my brother, Robbie Wood, we walked to the waterfront via the Woy Woy Wharf and Woy Woy Lions Park.

The walk from Blackwall Point to the lookout is via the sealed road on Bayview Crescent and then the unsealed road, Kitchener Avenue.

The view from Bay View Crescent

The walk will increase your heart rate — you’ll need a low-to-medium level of fitness to complete the walk. If you’re driving your car, it’s possible to park at the gate located near the bend at Bay View Crescent and Kitchener Avenue.

The view from the lookout at Blackwall Mountain

The track along Kitchener Avenue to the Blackwall Mountain Lookout is not wheelchair accessible.

The Blackwall Mountain Reserve covers 45 hectares.

There are two lookouts at the top of Blackwall Mount — both are located on top of large rocks and do not have fencing.

Blackwall Mountain lookout

The lookouts are positioned to the north-east of the water tower. Follow the walking tracks to access the views.

Wagstaffe, Pretty Beach, Hardys Bay and Killcare viewed from Blackwall Mountain

At the Blackwall Mountain lookout you’ll see amazing views of Broken Bay, including Ettalong, Umina Beach, Palm Beach, Lion Island, Pearl Beach, Wagstaffe, Pretty Beach, Hardys Bay and Killcare.

Booker Bay and Ettalong viewed from Blackwall Mountain

While we sat at the lookout we had a friendly kookaburra and a Whistling Kite land nearby.

A Birdlife Australia told us that the Whistling Kite was showing signs of ‘odd behaviour’.

We exited the lookouts via a track that headed west off Kitchener Avenue, near the water tower, down to Memorial Avenue.

We completed our recent trip by grabbing lunch at Ettalong. There are frequent buses servicing the Peninisula — most of them will help you get back to Woy Woy railway station.

I hope you enjoy the walk.

I would love to hear about your experiences on the track. I’m on social media at Brenden Wood.

Broken Bay viewed from Blackwall Mountain

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