Watching the sunrise from Port Macquarie’s Breakwall

An amazing place to watch the sunrise is at the iconic breakwall in Port Macquarie.

Looking west along the Port Macquarie Breakwall

The wall starts near the Port Macquarie town green and runs along the Hastings River to Town Beach.

Sunrise — Port Macquarie Breakwall

The Port Macquarie breakwall is a popular place for tourists, fishers and locals — thousands of people walk along the river everyday.

Winter sunrise — Port Macquarie’s Breakwall

The breakwall was original called the ‘Port Macquarie Training Wall’. Construction began in 1897 and, according to several newspaper reports, the wall was built in extensions as batches of funds were approved.

The Manning River Times — Saturday 2nd February 1901
Mount Cairncross — Viewed from the Port Macquarie Breakwall at Sunrise
Sunrise at Port Macquarie’s Town Beach


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